Wednesday, November 21, 2012

hg over ssh

I'm working with a repo that I can't access using http, so it's just as well that Mercurial works just fine and dandy over ssh as well - you just have to do a little bit of tweaking to the basic configuration to get things working smoothly.

Add the following to the client .hgrc:
Where <path_to_hg> is the path to the hg executable on the main repo machine.

This was from StackOverflow: cloning-a-mercurial-repository-over-ssh

Now, I'm working very remotely from the main repo (6000 miles) so it is worth using compression. Just add the following to the [ui] section of .hgrc:
ssh = ssh -C
You could also configure ssh to use compression by default (see details in link below).

This page has a good overview of using ssh with mercurial: collaborating-with-other-people